1Academic Council
2Application Form and Regulation
3Purchase and Sales Committee
4Executive Council-JUT
5Executive Council Continuation
6Examination Committee
7Academic Council_0001
8Notification about credit Point for PG Courses
9Notification for Application and Affiliation fee for session 2018-19
10Notification for B.Tech Regulation
11Notification for Internal committee for purchasing
12Notification for PHD
13Notification for Registration Fee for Diploma and others from session 2018-19
14Notification for Sales and Purchase Committee
15Notification for syllabus of 1st and 2nd sem
16Notification for Syllabus of MCA and MBA Programme
17Notification for the syllabus of 1st to 4th Sem
18Notification of syllabus for 5th and 6th sem and 3rd Year Mininig for diploma
19Search committee for appointment of OMBUDSMAN
20JUT Regulation-2018
21.Notification for fixing fees regarding uses charges of University transit & Guest House, Auditorium and others residential buildings
22.Notification for M.B.A. Syllabus